How to Dump Your Stres

Posted on 27 October 2015

It’s almost as if stress is innately attached to us now. No matter the circumstance, stress always seems to make an appearance. Perhaps it’s the fast paced world we’ve all been thrown into, or the expectations that we’re all facing. Whatever it is, it is.It’s big and it’s bad and if we do not find a way to rid ourselves from it, stress is bound to hold our bodies and minds hostage, debilitating our happiness and success.


So in the year 2015, how do we do this?

  1.   Take a second to breathe


You know that “ count to ten” method we all  joke about? Well, it works. When you start to feel that burning in your stomach or the weight on your shoulders, stop whatever it is you’re doing and take a big deep breath in and then a big exhale out. Feel better? Keep doing it.


  1. Watch what you’re eating

When you’re stressed, you’re naturally bound to go for the more sugary foods because they increase the amount of Cortisol ( stress hormone). However, these foods make it even worse! If you’re needing to de-stress, make sure to add more broccoli, which has folic acid, to your diet or some complex carbohydrate-rich foods, which increase Serotonin levels.


  1. Take Time Out for you

Go for a drive, a swim, or just hide in your closet for a little while. Whatever you need to do to get away from a situation, the better. Schedule a spa day with some friends and renew your focus.


  1. Stay away from the alcohol

No, I’m not saying this from an ethical or moral perspective, I’m saying this from a scientific standpoint. Alcohol is a depressant, believe it or not, so when you’re already in the dumps, veer away from the liquid that’s designed to exaggerate your already “ugh” mood. Opt for the water instead. Stay hydrated with what your body needs and fuel your brain to work to it’s most optimal performance level.


  1. Find your place

Whether it be your living room chair, your bedroom, the park, or the pedicure chair, there’s a place that makes you feel at ease. You may already know where you belong when this phase is necessary. If not, explore and find a soothing environment free from the propaganda of the world. You and your thoughts are the only ones invited here.


Stress is real folks and it’s time for us to acknowledge it as what it is; an epidemic. Stop brushing it away as if it’s normal or acceptable. It’s not acceptable and in no degree should it be deemed a normality. If you are feeling overwhelmed, weighed down, or hopeless, follow the above tips. Take time out for you. Get pampered, de- stress, and stay away from situations that perpetuate the feeling.


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