5 Signs You Need A Spa Day

Posted on 17 December 2015

For some peculiar reason, people always correlate “spa day” with stress management, and as much as I want to point out that it’s not, I can’t, because it’s a very valid correlation. There’s no denying that spas were designed for one reason; to make you feel more relaxed and better about yourself. It’s very much within the health realm, in fact, more so than in the beauty realm. While we provide services to make you look absolutely fabulous, the true purpose of our facility is to give you a break from the outside world; the world of chaos, missing keys, and kids that refuse to eat the dinner you just spent the last forty five minutes catering to.

So how do you know when you’ve reached your peak? When is it “time” to pick up the phone and schedule a day of spa bliss? Well, we’ve put together a list of 10 very obvious signs, it’s time to “woosaaaah.”


1.You Can’t Sleep at Night

When your body refuses to settle down for a good night’s rest, there’s something “off.” Regardless the reason, whether you’ve been up for the past couple days tending to a sick child or your mind is having it’s own freak out session regarding the upcoming deadline your boss just threw at you, you need to find a safe way to put your mind and body back at ease. Spas contain so many beneficial services designed to help put you on a path to better sleep.

2.You’re stressed out and there’s no hiding it

You’ve yelled at complete strangers today, and your hands keep shaking. No matter how many happy thoughts you attempt to cook up, there doesn’t seem to be a resolution to your problem.

3.You can’t focus

A great thing about spas is that they allow you the opportunity to center yourself. Being away from the problems outside help resolve the ones inside. When you designate a little bit of “you time” the world can change, quite literally. Reconnect with yourself and you’ll find your brain less cluttered, allowing you the ability to focus.

4.Your skin needs a recharge

Sometimes, no matter how many times you wash it, your face just needs an esthetician’s TLC. With the right, personalized, facial, your skin can glow again giving you back the confidence you need to go out there and continue conquering the world.  

5.You need to reconnect with a friend

Yes, spas are great to go and enjoy alone, as they provide the peacefulness to do so, but who says you can’t have a friend tag along. Nothing says “girl day” like pedicures, manicures, and facials. Start the day with a mimosa, a friend, and an amazing foot rub.

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