Bet you didn't know this about nail polish...

Posted on 05 January 2016

Have you ever just sat down and looked at a bottle of nail polish? No? Well if you do, and you will, a few thoughts are inevitable and are bound to pop up, such as “ Is this really my color?” Do I have time to do this right now? And of course, “ Is this thick enough to cover my previous coat?” Because you really don’t feel like removing all of it. One thought in particular is bound to gallop across your mind like a wild mustang escaping the field in which it was bound.

How the heck did this stuff come to be?”

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that when there’s a question, it most definitely needs to be researched. And upon my researching “ this polish” in which we have come to love, incorporate into our outfits, and essentially need on our fingers at all times, I found some pretty, profoundly, interesting things.


  • 1.Nail Polish was created over 5,000 years ago in China
  • Obviously, this isn’t the nail polish we use today, however, the invention was brought about by the means of differentiating between the statuses. Those in power would paint their nails to ensure everybody was aware of their awesomeness. The Chinese would create a mixture of egg whites, gelatin, beeswax and gum Arabic and soak their nails for a number of hours. The process, evidently, was not easy.

    2.A dentist invented acrylic nails

    That’s right, a dentist is who we have to thank for this marvelous invention. With aluminum foil and dental acrylic, Fred Slack, created a faux nail to correct the one he broke at work one day. I suppose it’s safe to say the Mr. Fred did all but “Slack” in making history ( ha… ). Nothing? Oh come on. That was funny.

    3.If it weren’t for car paint, yes car paint, we would not have the shiny and smooth polish that we have today.

    Prior to the car paint influencing the nail industry, most nail polishes were created with dyes rather than pigments. Michelle Maynard, a French makeup artist, came up with the ingenious idea to create something similar, but for the nail. After playing around with the formula for quite awhile, she developed a glossy lacquer similar to the nail polish we use today.

    4.Some nail polishes have food in them

    Allow that to soak in for a little while. Absorbed? Great, let’s continue. Yes, a few nail polishes actually have food extract listed in their formulas. A few use Kale, which is considered to smooth and brighten the nail, garlic, to strengthen and harden the nail, and then cucumber to prevent splitting. Cool, right?

    5.The world’s most expensive nail polish is only $250,000.

    When I think of a nail polish that’s $250,000 I think of something that not only stays on forever, but allows me to transport in and out of different dimensions, while granting me my every wish. The fact that this nail polish doesn’t do any of this sort, kind of lets me down. The reason for it’s high price tag is the fact that it’s made from black diamonds. It’s made from 267 carats of black diamonds to be exact. Too expensive for your wallet? No worries, the company, Azature, has created a mock version for only $25.

    So there’s my list of interesting facts I have accumulated upon my research. Let’s be honest here, shall we? Did you know any of those? If not, you’re welcome. Your education on the strange facts of nail polish/ nail industry has grown today.

    Are you a nail guru and know something we do not have listed? Let us know! Leave a comment.

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