• Laser Hair Removal Special

Laser Hair Removal Special

$ 164.00 $ 278.00


Did you know that Fall is the absolute BEST time to start a laser hair removal series? The reason why is because the areas treated are being hidden from the sun. The lighter the skin, the better/faster the results!

For a limited time only, Groupon pricing is back! 

Small Area:

Bikini line, breast, brow, cheek, chin, ears (outside), feet, hands, lips, nose, sideburns, toes, Underarms .

Medium Areas:

Abdomen ( lower OR upper), Arms (lower OR upper), buttocks, face (full), neck (front OR back), shoulders, custom bikini line, .

Large Areas:

Abdomen (full), arm (full), Brazilian, chest, full face & front of neck, legs (lower OR upper), scalp

 * $5 Fee applies when purchasing online

If you have any questions about your purchase, please call 501-868-8345 or the number listed on our site. We will be more than happy to answer them for you.

* Not eligible for purchase with gift card, other promotions or deals. Not eligible for sharing or splitting. Only on the Altima XL laser.

Clients need a minimum of 6  treatments to remove their hair. All clients cannot be treated equally due to the fact that hormones play a large part of hair removal.


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