• The Ultimate Pedicure~ 60 Minutes

The Ultimate Pedicure~ 60 Minutes

$ 99.00

We spell this pedicure: B - L - I - S - S! Sip your complimentary beverage in one of our warm, luxurious robes, guaranteed to melt away worry and stress! As you unwind, we slip your feet into a warm and bubbly skin softening bath. Those softened tootsies are then ready for some red carpet ready prep work, the manicurist will gently remove those unsightly cuticles and place your foot into a callous removal solution that will leave your feet as soft as a new baby’s behind! Thought it couldn’t get much better, well, we’re adding a heavenly leg and foot massage by the finest manicurists in town and then topping it off with a luxurious softening mask and skin polishing scrub. As you drift away to skin so soft laalaa land, we go a few steps further and treat your toes to a warm and indulgent paraffin delight. Seal the deal with the latest OPI polish of your choice for toes so glamorous, even the red carpet isn’t ready!!

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