• Ultimate Massage~80 Minutes

Ultimate Massage~80 Minutes

$ 200.00

This fabulous service begins with a deeply relaxing, warm scalp massage, and is then followed with a soothing and moisturizing facial massage. Steamy hot towels, essential oils and a focused massage to the face and head utilizing acupressure points all work in harmony to open nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure. Then, more warm aromatic towels are applied to the body in a focus area to infuse heat deep into the muscles. As the massage flows from your neck, shoulders and arms, the focus will turn to any rough or calloused spots on the elbows. The therapist will apply a treatment that will soften dry skin, leaving in its’ place a smoother, more soft appearance. The therapist will then begin the body-work portion of the massage utilizing the Fusion Massage technique, a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Long, relaxing, gliding strokes are combined with deep and concentrative work needed in specific areas to ensure the softening of tightened muscles, thereby inducing total relaxation. And last but not least, it’s time to pamper those hands and feet. A savory sugar scrub exfoliation is followed with a hot towel wrap, and luxurious Shea butter hydration treatment. We want to make sure your feet absorb all of that buttery moisture, so your therapist will spend an additional 5 minutes working it in. A wonderful delight to complete the Ultimate Experience!

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